The New King Of Instruments

Digital piano was developed on the basis of Grand Piano, it not only remains the incomparable
sound of Grand Piano, but also mixes nowadays technology. It is more than one piano

reasonable price

Reasonable Price

Get a hi-tech piano with less cost but more function.
Excellent choice for both piano beginners and players

easy maintenance

Easy Maintenance

Never need tuning, voices perform as always.
Save space, easy to assemble and move

multi funtion

Multiple Function

Auto accompaniment  Diverse voices and styles
Twinova function  Song recording and more

considerate headphones


2 jack stereo headphone for private practice
won’t disturb your neighbors.

Flychord Digital Piano 330

Fully-Weighted 88 Hammer Action Keybed

Data Dial-Adjust the Value

Twinova Function

Split the keyboard into two sections which have the same
pitch and voice, make teaching and learning more easier.

Explore More

Auto Accompaniment
500 Voices+200 Style

Rear Panel

Soft Pedal
Sustain Pedal
Sostenuto Pedal


88 Graded Hammer-Action Keys with
Triple Sensors
Ivory Keytops
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DP420K Piano Sound

5-Layer-Sampled Grand Piano Voice, 128 Note
Polyphony, Providing the Authentic Piano Sound
Through 4 Stereo Speakers.


  • Auto Accompaniment

  • Song Recording

  • DSP Effect

  • Beep Tone

  • Duet

  • MIDI



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