Flychord, a new piano brand, founded in 2016, it’s a fast developing piano company, independent in trade mode from its 60 years OEM historical parent company. With the continuous development and expansion of the company, we Flychord have our own professional develop team and sales team, surely we are still keep growing. One thing, we always believe is that Flychord works not only on Hi-tech digital piano, but also the spirit of humanities, our passion is popularizing the piano art, make good pianos available for more and more family with affordable price. Flychord contributes on musical education as well, we are working on the teaching system at present, sell piano is just part of our mission.

We cooperate with instrumental stores in the USA by using the Drop Shipping cooperation model, to guarantee the local musical stores’ benefits, we help address all stock, logistic and online promotion problems.

Flychord released two new types of digital pianos: Flychord DP330 and DP420K in 2016, our products are mainly focused on the American market and have received quite a lot active feedback from local customers. As an innovative company, Flychord pays more attention to the piano’s voice quality, touch, design and more related to the better user’s experience. So we have strict rules for the piano production process and plenty of professional training courses for our team members, we believe that only the rules and excellent products experiences as well as knowledge can support our digital piano industry growing tough and firm in the competitive market environment.

Flychord digital piano

Compared with traditional pianos, the innovative digital piano like DP330 and DP420k have quite a lot of advantages in advanced technology: 1. Flychord digital piano sampled more than 500 kinds of timbres. Because of deploying new electronic technologies, the adopted tones can be modified and mixed with the tool of synthesizer, also the digital piano satisfied the users with weighted key’s touch, it’s quite useful for new beginners and piano fans to practice with much more choices, and traditional one can not fulfill this function. 2. Flychord digital piano can give players a wonderful operation experience without disturbing others. The digital piano has a new function that it has headphone interface, with which you can practice any songs at any rhyme or speed at any time, because all the sound is transferred to your ears only, so even in a space limited space or a crowded street, once you put on the earphone, you will be able to completely devoted to the world of sound and piano alone and quietly. 3. Flychord digital piano provides MIDI interface for extensive experience. By connecting the MIDI interface, the digital piano can be kept in touch with internet, computer, or even cooperated with the APP, and these tools can work together to present an effect of concert played by a group. 4. Flychord digital piano owns lighter weight and can allow you to have it moved at your will. As we all can see, the general weight of traditional piano shall be around 440 pounds, while the digital piano is just around 110 pounds, it is about 1/4 than that of traditional ones.

In fact, all of our team members have a great devotion and aspire for the piano industry where people can get more joy and souls purified by hearing the sound of piano. We also hold the idea that we are willing to meet the standard of international market no matter how fierce the situation would be, and we will think highly of the knowledge and technology like physical modeling and apply it to more qualified products for children, music lovers and others.