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Should I force my kid to learn the piano?

It’s unfortunate that there is a huge decline of children who learn the piano. Different than before, now most families can afford buying any musical instruments for their kids. They force their children to learn the piano or other even though it’s not their willingness to do so. Most of kids are forced to learn [...]

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How can you become a piano master?

Did you admire some piano master who performed very well on television or on the stage? Did you ever dream of becoming someone like Ludwig van Beethoven or Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart? Are you suspicious of your ability in becoming a piano master? First of all, technical practice. No one can be the piano master [...]

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These Things Done Each Weekend Means You’re Successful

After a tiring and stressful weekday, your weekends should be different. If devote yourself to different activities and hobbies you don’t have much time to do during the time in weekday. As you know, doing a different kind of labor enable you recover your mind and body recover from the typical stresses. For example, Mark [...]

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How to play “The Well-Tempered Clavier, BWV 846–893”?

In 1722, the German composer Johann Sebastian Bach (John Sebastian Bach) began to write one of his greatest works in life , most typically a harpsichord or clavichord –but not excluding an organ either. The Well-Tempered Clavier, BWV 846–893 is a collection of two series of Preludes and Fugues in all 24 major and minor [...]

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How to buy a piano yourself?

For piano beginner, mostly they are confused about how to buy a piano, digital or acoustic. Some say that the digital piano is the “fake” piano which is toy for kid and will affect your fingering skills. They always praise the merits of grand piano and ignore the power of digital piano. So that’s my purpose [...]

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How to learn the piano by yourself?

It’s acknowledged that the most efficient and helpful way to learn the piano by yourself is to find a afford and professional teacher who can provide you one-on-one tutorial. They will be able to continually teach and provide feedback on your playing while any videos, books or any kind of self-learning methods can provide. You [...]

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Best Digital Piano for Sale

There is always a discussion that how to define a best digital piano for sale in the piano market. Some said the digital piano should go with its own way not just for simulating a grand acoustic piano and express the music uniquely. But other said the digital piano should mimic the acoustic piano maximum. [...]

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You never know Why he was named Brian in fast and furious 8

I am exactly a fan of fast and furious set movie. I like Paul Walker, Vin Diesel and every characters in these movies, which are really wonderful. As the fast and furious eight release date was coming near, I was so excited and went to book the ticket. I am always the one of first group watching [...]

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How to confront tension as piano beginner?

How to confront tension as a piano beginner? It’s very common but difficult problem for the piano beginner. Before we discuss about how to correct, here’s the things we need to know first, about why causes the intention. On the first place, as piano beginner, the tension is caused because you are using dual muscular [...]

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Mother’s love

Mother’s love is when we’re sick, it’s mother that takes good care of us, prays for us and hopes we can be better. Mother’s love is when we’re partying, it’s mother that worries about us, waits for us and prepares towel for our drunkenness. Mother’s love is when we’re crying, it’s mother that stays with us, concerns about [...]

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