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What is the difference between digital piano and grand piano?

Many people think that digital piano is just a toy for the kids, and praise too high of the grand piano. However in my opinion, it’s totally wrong. I’ll introduce in three aspects. First of all, all sound in digital piano are copied or mimic from a grand piano (which is thousands or millions [...]

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What’s Best Portable Keyboard for Beginners?

Sometime I am afraid of changing, or I am afraid of what I don’t know. May it’s the same case with you. But it doesn’t mean we won’t be benefit from this. That’s to say, we have to try it out. In this article, I’ll talk about what’s best portable keyboard for beginners? At [...]

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Do you know more about Flychord Piano DP330?

Coming with modern cool looking in dark rose and perfect size, Flychord piano DP330 is more than a upright piano as furniture but also a stage piano with endless functions. Featured with Weighted hammer action keys, three standard pedals and all ports indeed, including MIDI, USB, AUDIO. Flychord piano DP330 has 500 voices, 200 styles to choose while playing in auto accompaniment.But when I choose a voice and style in auto accompaniment, the music comes more shocking than a band like this And you can adjust the voice of accompaniment, the tempo, touch type to [...]

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music can be everywhere

Everyone has a melody in his/her heart, and music can be everywhere! When you wait for the meal will habitually like to shoot the table and playing rhythm. If there is pots, pans, cups and chopsticks, then heap into jazz drums. Replace the guitar with the broom, when you are in the school. When I’m [...]

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Do you have plan in summer vacation?

After tough and hard semester, summer vacation is coming finally! For kids, it’s a breaking good news that allows them to play for quite a long time. However, for parents, it’s nightmare which will make them annoying for more than two months. Instead of playing video games for two months, here are the advice to [...]

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Is it hard for an adult to learn the piano?

It’s acknowledged that learning piano as a child is much more easier than an adult. Just because children can absorb and learn things faster as their brains are developing. However, through hardworking, one can still learn the piano well and good at it. Here are the methods for adults to learn piano. Firstly, the [...]

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Why do more and more Asian parents send their children to take piano lessons?

There’s a distinct trend in Asian countries that more and more Asian parents tend to send their children to take piano lessons. The reasons for that are as follow. First of all, many parents believe that learning piano can somehow influence the kids’ brain and help them develop a healthy hobby. As people’s living standard have [...]

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Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother-Amy Chua

Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother. The author Amy Chua - The professor of Yale University Law School. This book has caused a lot of controversy in the United States, the core of the controversy is that should the children can has a happy childhood, do not be forced to learn piano, but to be [...]

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Which Digital Piano is The Best Piano for Beginners and advanced

Coming with modern cool looking in dark rose and perfect size, Flychord digital piano DP330 is more than a upright piano as furniture but also a stage piano with endless functions. Featured with Weighted hammer action keys, three standard pedals and all ports indeed, including MIDI, USB, AUDIO.  Flychord digital piano DP330 has 500 voices, 200 styles to choose while playing in auto accompaniment. But when I choose a voice and style in auto accompaniment, the music comes more [...]

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What’s Your Best Summer Vacation Destinations

During the time studying in school, we’re looking forward to a perfect summer getaway. Different summer vacation ideas comes to our brain. Where to go for summer vacation? When surfing on the internet, there are different suggestions that places to go for summer vacation. You can go a great summer vacation trip as great summer vacation spots there [...]

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