How to confront tension as a piano beginner? It’s very common but difficult problem for the piano beginner. Before we discuss about how to correct, here’s the things we need to know first, about why causes the intention.

On the first place, as piano beginner, the tension is caused because you are using dual muscular pulls. Your muscles are interconnected with each other, so if you use two different muscles, you’ll have to balance them. If you pull one muscle so slightly, there is no tension. If you are stressing that one, they will both fight over which gets to move the bone. The most common pull is when you flex and turn at the same time.

On the second place, you need to be aware of that it’s not your muscle to press the key but gravity, every motion you play gotta have an equal and opposite reaction force. The most important thing you need to master first is not about the speed or skill, but knowing how to balance your muscle, your fingers and how to depress the key.

Finally, having a positive mind for piano beginner is also essential to get over tension. Piano beginner might face stress out when they press the wrong key, wrong tempo. When you have these problem, don’t be so badly questioning yourself and pushing yourself. Try to practice it really slow and remain relax. As you keep doing, you can increase the speed a bit and keep relaxing yourself. After practice several times in this way, you’ll see decrease in tension and increase in speed.

Rome was not built in one day, so as your skill. Slow your speed and enjoy the whole process, when you practice it with no thoughts for food and sleep, congratulations, you’re pro in piano.

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