Many people think that digital piano is just a toy for the kids, and praise too high of the grand piano. However in my opinion, it’s totally wrong. I’ll introduce in three aspects.

First of all, all sound in digital piano are copied or mimic from a grand piano (which is thousands or millions of dollars) through digital sampling. So it has the acoustic sound as the real piano. But for grand piano, it uses a hammer to vibrate strings that produce sound. So the sounds goes more natural.

Secondly, grand piano is actually more expensive than the digital piano. A brand grand piano always cost thousands of dollars. And it is needed to tune the sound quite often. So the maintenance cost will be higher too. But a brand digital piano can always perform as nice as some upright pianos, even better. They are equipped with 88 weighted hammer actions keys. So the touch can be very similar to the normal piano.

Finally, a grand piano needs more room to place which is a main factor when you want to buy one. But a digital one can be far easier to move and don’t need to cover too many space. So for the modern family which don’t actually afford big house, digital piano is a good choice for them. What’s more, a digital piano often also plays other sounds such as organ, jazz, drum, etc.So you can have fan emulating other instruments.