After tough and hard semester, summer vacation is coming finally! For kids, it’s a breaking good news that allows them to play for quite a long time. However, for parents, it’s nightmare which will make them annoying for more than two months. Instead of playing video games for two months, here are the advice to enjoy meaningful holiday.

Firstly, traveling in a place or country that you’ve never been there before in summer vacation. You can check the places you want to go, pack up your stuff and start your journey. Traveling is not just about visiting some unknown places, playing and take nice photo, it’s about feeling the local culture, enjoying the local unique and beautiful scenes and tasting the delicious local food. It can really broaden your horizon and enlarge your experience.

Secondly, attending some adventure group and starting to challenge yourself. You can join some groups who will climb some high mountain and other risky but exciting places. Like in China, many students, workers even managers in big companies will go to one famous place in summer vacation, Tibet. It’s called The Last Wonderland On Earth. It’s also worshiped by many Buddhists. Many people believe that it’s the closest place to heaven.

Finally, attending some interest courses or other courses to improve yourself in summer vacation. For students, two months can learn a bunch of things if you use it well. We can attend some classes like Yoga, boxing, piano etc. When you master some skills and go back to school, you’ll certainly impress all your classmates and have a more meaningful holiday than they have.