Mother’s love is when we’re sick, it’s mother that takes good care of us, prays for us and hopes we can be better.

Mother’s love is when we’re partying, it’s mother that worries about us, waits for us and prepares towel for our drunkenness.

Mother’s love is when we’re crying, it’s mother that stays with us, concerns about us and telling us everything will be alright.

Mother's love

Mother’s love is when there’s enough food for both, it’s mother that gives us the most and leaves the least.

Mother’s love is when we go away from home, it’s mother that listens to us complaint and guide us the road.

Mother’s love is when we need a piano, it’s mother that buys us Flychord DP420k piano and practices with us.

mother's love

Mother is an irreplaceable and an unmatchable character of our lives in terms of love and care, even God’s love will be belittled in front of a Mother’s.

Happy Mother’s day to all the great mothers in the world, I may not have many things in life, but I have a mother.