I am exactly a fan of fast and furious set movie. I like Paul Walker, Vin Diesel and every characters in these movies, which are really wonderful. As the fast and furious eight release date was coming near, I was so excited and went to book the ticket. I am always the one of first group watching the movie in cinema, never to have one left. From fast and furious 1 to the fast and furious 7, It’s a theory about Vin Diesel Pub that an aging Vin Diesel tells a story he gets further and further from the truth starting with the his street racing experience. When every one was released, the idea of fast and furious 6 free download came to my idea. Now it’s time to go cinema to watch fast and furious 8 full movie. And there is a question that you never know why he was named Brian in fast and furious.

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This story involves around a mysterious hacker who tries to seduce Dom into the dangerous world of terrorism. And terrorism get trough the trick and saved his son and named his son Brian·Marcus·Terrorism. Why he was named Brian?

You never know Why he was named Brian in fast and furious 3

When the crew is enjoying a celebratory meal (natch) in the final scene, Dom reveals the name he chose for his son: Brian. He was named Brian for remembering of the Brian O’Conner. As for Brian, the team acknowledges that the character is alive, though we never see or hear from him (or Mia). And Paul Walker won’t be back anymore, But Good life should be going on.

You never know Why he was named Brian in fast and furious 2

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